Is Jio 99 Plan Good for you? Benefis Over Airtel Idea Vodafone Offers Packages больно ли ставить пломбу Completed a month of ‘free’ Jio Wifi usage. I used it as my only source of Internet in Lucknow and Delhi. For mobile, desktop and laptop. No, I didn’t cancel my existing Idea cellular and Airtel broadband, but simply stopped using it.

ами мебель гомель каталог товаров Jio 99 Vs Airtel Plan

поликлиника 3 псков расписание If a sane person’s break and butter and chicken and pizza depends on Internet, then he or she will and should not use Jio, as their only gateway to Internet. It shall be a huge risk.

красный крест киров The moment, when that limit of 1 GB per day exhausts, is the biggest anti-climax, which is a hardcore Internet user can experience at any given moment of time. Its historical, because so many ideas, thoughts, sentences, conversations, videos and heartbeat are destroyed, by that sudden, unexpected ending. And weird, if its 1 PM in the noon. Its actually, weird. шапка связанная лицевой гладью Jio 99 Plan details

соц карта самара It teaches patience. Like I am typing this post at 128 kbps. Its monumental, phenomenal. I dont even remember when I worked in that speed. took around 2.5 minutes to fully load. Wow! секс знакомства пар крымская And what can I do avoid it? I can get 100 MB for Rs 19 or 1 GB for Rs 51. Both seems ridiculous, because, it will make Jio more expensive that any provider alive today. Its a trap!

The respect, and tolerance towards my existing telecom companies: Airtel and Idea, has suddenly increased. I am grateful for their existance, and for the thousands of bucks I have paid to them in the past. If I want, I can simply re-connect Idea Internet on mobile and make a call to Airtel customer care (which are way too sweet and good) to activate the dormant connection.

Jio is an awesome concept, it can, and has revolutionized Internet in India. But right now, maybe I am not the right audience and customer for them.

Sorry, no Jio Prime for Rs 99 for me.

‘There are no Free meals’. Seriously? I got to use Free Internet and made unlimited calls for over an year. Now, the company wants a minimal amount for the same with a cap on the data usage. Do you seriously think I should mind? Jio is single-handedly changing the dynamics of calling and mobile data usage in India and I am proud to witness this revolution.

Of course, the membership plans and new year offer were meant to attract new customers and kill the competition in the market. But, the real business starts now. With Jio Prime, Jio aims to retain all those 100 million customers who have been part of the Jio family. Because at the end of day, It’s all about business. Also, here’s a fun fact. Jio can offer free Internet for another year or so. 😀 Other companies and TRAI won’t let it do so.

Now, you have to merely pay 99 INR and you can avail 30GB monthly data and free unlimited calling for an year. What else do you want at 99 RS? Also, other packs include 149 and 303. You’re getting 4G data at such a low price and then you complain about it. I don’t know what to say. Hahaha…. Couple of years back nobody had even thought that calling could be free and Internet usage could be so cheap. As a user, now I just want Jio to improve their service. That’s all I want.

PS: Even if I was not a part of this company, I would have the same opinion. I am saying this with utmost honesty.

Jio Prime Rs.99 for 1 Year From April 2017 & Rs.303 Monthly Plan Details Benefits Voice Data

Good news for Reliance Jio Customers. Jio extends its Happy New Year plan at Rs.99 per year and it starts from 1st April 2017 and continues for 12 months. The календарный учебный график 2016 2017 Jio Prime Membership is for the existing customers to enjoy similar and more benefits of jio for one more year. Let’s go into the details of this Prime Plan.

как оформить машину по договору купли продажи Jio Prime Membership at Rs.99 for 1 year

There is a little confusion existing with the 99 plan. This Rs.99 is to enjoy one more year benefits and for that one has to pay Rs.303 per month and thus we get 1GB data and all other services of Jio like Jio TV, Jio Music, Jio Movies, etc.  So Rs.99 to be paid to get the Prime membership only.

сколько стоит монеты 2013 года Jio 99 Plan Details

Reliance Industries chairman Mukesh Ambani on Tuesday released a new Jio Prime offer that will start once the existing free Happy New Year offer ends on March 31st 2017. This offer will be enjoyed by the initial customers of Jio as a one time fee of Rs.99 to get free services extended and a nominal pay of Rs. 303 per month to enjoy all the benefits. This is just Rs 10 per day which is not provided by any other telecom company like Airtel / BSNL / Idea / Vodafone till date.

Jio Prime 99 Plan details

Mukesh Ambani says that Jio already crossed 100 million customers in just 6 months of time with an average of six to seven customers per second. This is a great achievement by the Indians.

How To Buy Jio 99 Plan?

It will soon be displayed in your MYJIO app under “Recharge” link where you can proceed with subscribing to Jio Prime 99 for one year.

Now we have wait and watch the moves of the rival telecom companies. Whether they are also going to bring drastic plans at cheaper prices than Jio’s and increase their subscribers or not? Already the merger of Idea and Vodafone is happening to beat Reliance Jio.

Let’s see how Airtel and BSNL answer this Rs.99 plan . Already prices of 4G slashed by them but still not able to overcome the giant Jio subscribers of Ambani. On the other hand Tata Tele is in talks with RCom of Anil Ambani to give tough competition to Jio.

That being said, one has to accept the truth that Rs.10 per day to enjoy 1GB 4G data along with free calls and other Jio services is not an easy thing for the rest of the telecom companies to implement.

So who is going to win the telecom market in 2017? Do share your queries, comments and doubts about how to buy Jio Prime membership.